Celebrating Queens of Afro heritage



Founded: 2013

HQ: Amsterdam

Email:  info@jekkah.com

Email:  www.jekkah.com

Connect with Jekkah:

JEKKAH is a streetwear brand that will bring a bit of African colour to your life. Founded in 2013, we design and manufacture our African Inspired Streetwear made from 100% cotton African Wax Print materials in The Gambia, West Africa.

Jekkah Celebrates AQD 2020

Streets wear brand Jekkah have made history by being one of a very short list, as well as the first ever Dutch based company to take part in this BRAND NEW initiative known as ‘Afro Queens Day’.
Afro Queens Day is a concept that aims to become a staple in the events sector, so though it may not be apparent now only time can reveal the effect Jekkah’s participation in this inaugural event will have on the company’s history.
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