Celebrating Queens of Afro heritage



Founded: 2012

HQ: London, UK

Email:  info@mammaw.com

Website:  www.mammaw.com

Connect with MamMaw:

MamMaw is a brand with the vision of becoming the leading online fashion brand for dresses, skirts & tops made in Ankara styles, African patterns, Kente cloth and with traditional West African fabrics.

MamMaw Celebrates AQD 2020

MamMaw, an abbreviation for Modern African Man, Modern African Woman, is an ethical fashion brand recognised for its use of vibrant colours and combinations of bold prints, blending West African patterns with distinctive Western styles
Afro Queens Day is a concept that aims to become a staple in the events sector, so though it may not be apparent now only time can reveal the effect MamMaw’s participation in this inaugural event will have on the company’s history.